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Download Autostakkert 2 and 3 – Free planetary stacking software

AutoStakkert! – or AS! – is a free software for planetary stacking developed by Emil Kraaikamp. It produce excellent and amazing stacking results with as little effort as possible. It’s certainly the most simple software to use.

AS!2 or AS!3 uses its own recentrer algorithm to recenter frames. So you don’t need to use extra program to do that (like PIPP for example).

Autostakkert on the other hand is very easy to use, works very fast, and produces very good results out of the box.

AutoStakkert! is not meant to post-process your images, although it does support a 5×5 convolution filter which is compatible with Photoshops Custom filter, and which gives you the option to preview the stacks. You can open up the raw stacks in any of your favourite image processing programs ( Photoshop, GIMP, Iris, Registax etc.). Usually I end up opening the RAW stacks in Photoshop CS4 and take it from there.

Features of Autostakkert :

Download Autostakkert for free

Download Autostakkert 2.6.8 for Free (Windows)

Download AutoStakkert 3.0.14 (64-bit) for Free (Windows)


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