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Download Registax 6 free stacking software and image processing

RegiStax is a free image processing software for amateur astrophotographers, released as freeware, which runs under Windows. A compatible version for Mac OS is also available as a emu file (see Download below)

Its purpose is to produce enhanced images of astronomic observations through combining consecutive photographs (an image “stack”) of the same scene that were taken over a short period of time. For example, many frames can be obtained from a video and then stacked in Registax. The process relies on the subject (for example a planet or the Moon) being unchanged between photographs, so that any differences can be assumed to be random noise or atmospheric interference.

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The stack of images can be in the form of individual consecutive shots or from frames of a movie camera trained on the scene.


As the official website of Registax is having problems at the moment (hacking issue i think), i uploaded Registax and its update to my website. Please find bellow the new links :

Download Registax 6.1 Free for Windows

Download Update Registax

IMPORTANT : Please note that you should install Registax 6.1 before installing the Update file.

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