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Download Sharpcap : The best free webcam astrophotography software

What’s SharpCap ?

SharpCap is a simple to-utilize webcam and astronomy camera capture software. It is principally intended for astronomy and astrophotography use.

The primary objectives were to be anything but difficult to use while watching and observing the sky, and to maintain a strategic distance from missteps like catching with the wrong resolution and definition or camera settings, or overwriting a current file acccidentally.

Looking for an excellent and cheap Camera for Astrophotography ?

A great camera for the Moon, Sun, Planets as well as Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulae.

Throughout the years SharpCap has developed from just a simple webcam recording software into an a great deal more thorough capture apparatus prepared to do straightforwardly controlling numerous stargazing focused and different cameras.

SharpCap : a free astronomy capture software

Principle features of SharpCap

Free Download of SharpCap : The best free webcam astronomy software

Download Version 3.0.4067.0

Release date : 26 December 2017


EDIT : The last version of SharpCap is available : Download SharpCap 3.1

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