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NGC 1528 : Open cluster shot by Best Beginner telescope

Discovering the cosmos and its unlimited objects is even possible with a simple and small beginner telescope. I have a Skywatcher 150/750 and to me it’s the Best Beginner Telescope! It’s easy to use, to collimate, to tune it, …

I used it again yesterday to shoot a nice open cluster situated in the constellation of Persus : The NGC 1528. This open cluster was discovered by William Herschel in 1790. It is located in the north-eastern part of the constellation, just under 3 degrees north of μ Persei. Less than 1.5° to the southeast is the open cluster NGC 1545 (m = 6.2). The NGC 1528 is clearly visible with 10×50 binoculars. 165 stars are recognised as members of NGC 1528, the brightest of which has apparent magnitude 8.7.

Technical Data :

Telescope : Skywatcher 150/750
Mount : Neq3-2 RA motorised (no GoTo and no Autoguiding)
Camera : Nikon D5300

Lights : 110 x 30 seconds of exposure at 800 ISO
25 Dark and 25 Offset
Processing : Deep Sky Stacker and Pixinsight

Ngc1528 shot by Skywatcher 150/750

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