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Logitech C270 astrophotography : Planetary imaging with Webcam

Taking pictures of planets is different from taking pictures of deep sky objects. While in deep sky we try to expose longer to catch the light of the very far distant objects, with planets we search to take the maximum of pictures (or frames) in second. The planets are bright and visibles to the naked eyes, so even an esposure of some milliseconds are sufficient to obtain a picture.

What camera for planetary imaging?

To do that we should use a specific equipement : A camera for planetary imaging such as the ASI, ATIK, Qhy5l, … These camera are very sensitive and can capture up to hunders of frames per seconds (specially those working in USB3). But these camera are generaly expensive, and for a beginner who is searching to try and do astrophotography with a small budget this is not a easy.

The Webcam Logitech C270 for astrophotography

The alternative is to begin with just a simple webcam. There are many models available in the marke like the Philips Spc900nc of the Toucam pro. But i personally started with the Logitech C270 and i don’t regret it. This camera is really cheap compared to specialised astrophotography cameras, its price is under 20$ on Amazon !

This webcam is very sensitive, it works in USB 2 and can catch up to 30 frames / second. It has a resolution of 1280×720 (HD) and that’s great for Moon photography !

The camera is also compatible with the famous capture free sofwares like SharpCap (Download SharpCap for free). So you can use it without problem in Windows.

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To use it with your telescope you have to modify it so it be placed in the eyepiece holder. The modification is very easy, you just have to remove the lens of the webcam and then place a simple adapter in it’s place.

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Images taken with the webcam Logitech C270

This is a selection of my images taken of the planets using my modified webcam Logitech C270 and mounted in my Newtonian telscope Skywatcher 150/750. Most of the planetary images were obtained using a Barlow x3 for more magnification.


For more pictures of planets captured with the Logitech C270 camera you check my gallery here : Planetary Images with Skywatcher 150/750

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