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Astrophotography with Logitech C270 webcam

Monn astrophotography with webcam

To get beautiful, sharp and clean (noiseless) images of the moon you have compulsory to collect many frames and then stack them in a special software. The goal is freeze the astromospheric turblence and then to reduce to signal / noise ratio. So here is some of the best and free moon stacking softwares :

Autostakkert 2 : AS!2

AutoStakkert! – Is a free program and software of planetary and moon stacking in levels of grey intended to produce excellent results of stacking with least possible efforts. Ideally, it works better in combination with Castrator, and I suggest you to use this program to center and refocus the global recordings in the first one. But AS! Can be also used on the original recordings files (AVI files) (although there is a limit of size of file of 1 gigabyte!). Most of the programs of stacking are pointlessly difficult to use, because they contain too many options, and it is necessary a lot of time to make the most of your recordings. AS! On the other hand is easy to use, quickly works and produces very good results.

Features of AutoStakkert

Download Autostakkert for free

Looking for an excellent and cheap Camera for Moon Astrophotography ?

A great camera for the Moon, Sun, Planets as well as Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulae.

Registax 6

Registax 6 is a powerful and mature stacking program containing sophisticated and great image enhancement features. It is designed specifically for stacking images and frames from video files and is the program of choice for many astronomers and astrophotographers thanks to its simplicity of use.

Registax is particularly suited for moon stacking and imaging.

Download Registax 6 for free

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