Amazing Poster of the Solar System – Designed by teachers

Learn all about our Solar System with this amazing, up-to-date poster (available on Amazon)! This Solar System Chart also includes latest categorisation of dwarf planets, plus a chart showing the relative sizes of the planets against the Sun. The poster is designed by teachers and made from durable, 100% recyclable polypropylene with a non-reflective silk finish – they are also guaranteed not to tear!


Buy the Solar System Poster from Amazon



  • Guaranteed NEVER to tear, unlike paper posters! Why risk buying paper posters?
  • Comprehensive sets of data including: Number of Moons, Minimum/Maximum Temperatures, Diameter (miles/kilometres), Distance From Sun (miles/kilometres), Rotation and Revolution Periods
  • Includes all the dwarf planets -Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Eris
  • Relative Size chart, plus planets and Asteroid Belt shown in order from Sun
  • Size: 60 x 42cm / 24 x 17 inches (A2)
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