Download Registax 6 free stacking software and image processing

RegiStax is a free image processing software for amateur astrophotographers, released as freeware, which runs under Windows. A compatible version for Mac OS is also available as a emu file (see Download below)

Its purpose is to produce enhanced images of astronomic observations through combining consecutive photographs (an image “stack”) of the same scene that were taken over a short period of time. For example, many frames can be obtained from a video and then stacked in Registax. The process relies on the subject (for example a planet or the Moon) being unchanged between photographs, so that any differences can be assumed to be random noise or atmospheric interference.

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A great camera for the Moon, Sun, Planets as well as Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulae.

The stack of images can be in the form of individual consecutive shots or from frames of a movie camera trained on the scene.


As the official website of Registax is having problems at the moment (hacking issue i think), i uploaded Registax and its update to my website. Please find bellow the new links :

Download Registax 6.1 Free for Windows

Download Update Registax

IMPORTANT : Please note that you should install Registax 6.1 before installing the Update file.

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11 Responses

  1. john says:

    HAVE TRIED TO DOWNLOAD Registax program but Chome warms that it is dangerous

    • hdryx says:

      You are right, i think that there is a problem with the official website of Registax. That’s very strange.
      I’ll try to upload it here in my website.

    • hdryx says:

      I uploaded Registax and its update on my server. Please check the new links.

      • “my Dell Inspiron 15 7569 laptop has an integrated camera, it records and takes video flipping the image, any solution on how I can fix that and how I can record as how the image is previewed, it uses the windows 10 camera app

  2. I’m having the same problem comes up as attack site

  3. Only static when downloaded to test an ip camera (the camera works fine when in a browser, but manycam is hangs) uninstalling if a demo version is not working. running windows 7 64 bit DX11. It probably works for 32 bit?

  4. Eve Hunt says:

    How come my c920 webcam is worse than yours? Mines much more blurry (check one of my videos like the “Stephen saves Christmas” or reacting to “reacting to Dave’s flaveo”) is it possible that’s it’s because of my completed/laptop?

  5. Paul James says:

    Hi there – I would like to download Registax for my Mac but cannot see the download button on your website. Can you assist please?

  6. Juan Bustamante says:

    hello! i have problems with registax. I downloaded, and when i executed it, it stuck! and then dont work anymore, untill now. I try using other file, and happened the same… I also reinstalled twice! but the problem follow. Thanks for your help

  1. August 16, 2017

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  2. February 21, 2018

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