Schickard crater Moon with Skywatcher Telescope and ASI Camera


Description of the Crater :

Immense isolated circular formation with dark color. Pretty steep slopes riddled of craters supporting Lehmann to
the North Schickard E to the South Wargentin A to the South-West and Drebbel to the North-East.
Few high walls with summits reaching 2700 m.
Immense somber flat floor filled with lava supporting Schickard B to the North-East and Schickard A to the South. Numerous
craterlets to the South-West whose Schickard C. Hills and grooves. Black and white stains.

Technical Data :

Skywatcher 150/750
Neq3-2 mount RA motorised
ASI224 MC + Barlow x3 + IR Pass filter


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