Gassendi Moon crater shot with ZWO ASI224 MC




Description of Gassendi Crater :

Circular formation situated on the North bank of Mare Humorum. Steep slopes to the North gobbled to the South in Mare
Humorum and supporting the couple Gassendi A and B to the North.
Walls higher to the West and gobbled to the South in Mare Humorum.
Very large flat floor covered by Rimae Gassendi. Internal mountainous ring. Double central mountain 1200 m high. Hills craterlets and lines of crest.

Technical Data :

Taken with Skywatcher 150/750 on Neq3-2 mount RA motorised

Camera ASI224 MC + IR pass filter

Mosaic of 6 images.

Processed in AS!2, Registax and Photoshop


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  1. SaltyTea says

    I’ve been trying the logitech c270 but I find it so hard to get it into focus. Even when it’s in focus it turns out very blurred. Can you help me out?

    1. hdryx says

      Are you using a Barlow? What’s your scope? Do you have an image of your setup? Also, with an eyepiece, the image is clear or blurry ?

  2. SaltyTea says

    The image is perfectly clear with the eyepiece, I’m using a 2x barlow and i have a celestron 130slt. It’s just that the target is very blurry and hard to keep track of even with a goto because it’s that zoomed in

    1. hdryx says

      What software are you using with the webcam? Also did you try to directly mount the webcam without a Barlow?

  3. SaltyTea says

    I’m using sharpcap and I did try without a barlow but i couldn’t get it to focus

    1. hdryx says

      Did you remove the lens from the Logitech Webcam?

      1. Astrophotography Telescope says

        In my case the lens was removed to be able to use correctly.

  4. SaltyTea says

    Yeah, I removed the lens

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